Logging in to MyCampus Portal

  • What is my username?
    Most students username will be their firstname_lastname## (##being the last 2 digits of their student ID). If your full name (including the underscore) is longer than 18 characters, the last name will be dropped. Your login will then follow this format: firstname## (## being the last 2 digits of your Student ID). There may be circumstances where a students username does not follow these guidelines. If you continue to experience problems, the Admissions's Office can provide you with your username.
  • What is my Password?
    Unless you have changed your password, the default password is your 8 digit birthday (MMDDYYYY).
  • How do I reset my password?
    Please access the self-service change password site by clicking here.
  • Where can I get additional help?
    You can contact the Help Desk at (870) 508-6223.